Express Braille Order Guidelines

Please review the information provided below to assist you when placing your Express Braille orders.

  • Express Braille costs are determined by the number of printed pages you submit for transcription at the rate of $9.90 per page.
  • If you wish to receive your transcribed material embossed, shipping charges will be figured at checkout.
  • Each item must be ordered individually.
  • Ten (10) text pages can be submitted per order; please have all the pages saved within one document for uploading.
  • Only one order per day per braille reader will be delivered within the Express Braille published lead times.
  • Maps, music and advanced Biology tactiles must be quoted independently.
  • Interline print/embossing (print is included with the braille) is not recommended for 3rd grade work and up. Interline cannot be done for math of any kind.
  • Most common file types can uploaded to Express Braille, including but not limited to PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. PDF files are preferred.
  • Payment must be made with MasterCard or Visa at order placement.

For estimates of larger or unique work or general inquires, please contact the Braille shop at 800-332-7922 or